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What is cheap art?

“The world’s greatest museum of art and design”, that’s what the Victoria and Albert Museum in London calls itself. I think I agree. I visited the Victoria and Albert Museum this summer. They had a very interesting exhibition Disobedient Objects, about the powerful role of objects in movements for social change. Among all the interesting things I saw, I really liked the Cheap Art Manifesto from 1984 by the Bread and Puppet Theatre in New York. “Art has to be cheap and available to everybody”. why-cheap-art-manifesto.-001-703x1024

I like the manifesto so much, because it represents the way I see myself when I’m drawing. I’m not drawing for a museum, for money, for business. I do it because I like it, because it soothes the pain, because…

This drawing I made on my iPad on the fiftieth marriage anniversary of my parents. They are the musicians Joop and Jessica.

Joop en Jessica, op 50 jarig huwelijksfeest van Jaap Keller en Erica Keller. Made on iPad with paper

Piano performance

At the end of the school year the music teacher of my daughter, Fonsa ten Velde, organizes a performance afternoon. All her younger students play for the other students and their family. Fonsa is a wonderful teacher, her youngest student is 7 years old, her oldest 89 (!) years.

This drawing was drawn from life on my iPad with the Paper53 app.


Looking at his iPad, while I drew him on my iPad.

via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/kun2zV


Election day in Iraq

On April 30th there were elections in Iraq. Everybody got three days off. The whole town was full with little yellow (KDP), green (PUK), blue (GorranChange movement) and other color flags and portraits of candidates. This is the view from the house we stayed in.

Iraqi Kurdistan

I’m visiting Iraqi Kurdistan. It gives me ample time to draw, spending lots of time among conversations I can not understand. I made these drawing with the Zen Brush app on my iPad. The app is very limited in it’s possibilities, that’s what I love about it.



Christmas scene in February

I drew this in February, it would be a good image for a Christmas card.

Made on my iPad with the Paper53 app, drawn from life.


Four years ago I was in Lenk (Switzerland) and I made drawings in the vacation home. The drawings I made in this house, were the first post on this blog. And I used a part of these drawings as the header of this blog. Now I am again in Lenk, in the same house, and I did drew a part of the header of this blog. Now on my iPad. And with less concentration and determination, I must say.

Portrait of Jarno

Drawn from life on iPad with Paper53 app.

WRAP information evening

This are drawings I made during an evening on which Dienke Boertien gave information about WRAP. WRAP means Wellness Recovery Action Plan and is a wellness tool developed by Mary Ellen Copeland. You can use WRAP for dealing with any kind of mental health problem, medical problems and life issues. I love all the values of WRAP, here is my choice of favorite values of WRAP:

* Insisting that you be treated as an equal, with dignity, compassion, mutual respect, and unconditional high regard; as a unique, special individual, including acceptance of diversity with relation to culture, ethnicity, language, religion, race, gender, age, disability, sexual identity, and “readiness” issues, and treat others the same way.
* Avoiding the use of clinical, medical, and diagnostic language.
* Emphasizing strategies that are simple and safe.
* Understanding that difficult feelings and behaviors are normal responses to traumatic circumstances, and that what is happening in your life need not be considered symptoms or a diagnosis.
* People get well, stay well for long periods of time, and do the things they want to do with their lives.

More information about WRAP can be found on the US website or the Dutch website.

I drew these sketches from life with my iPad and the Paper53 app.


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