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Julia Kay’s Portrait Party

I draw my partner a lot. He is a good subject, because he sits a lot of the time behind his laptop, book, tv or sleeping, without moving too much. And he has an interesting face. But he doesn’t like it when I draw him, because he looks about 30 years older and 20 kg bigger than in reality.

I stumbled upon Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. Moderator Julia Kay writes about the Flickr group: “This group is a virtual Portrait Party in which artists draw each other from photos posted for that purpose. All members of the group are therefore both subjects of portraits and creators of portraits.” I joined the party so I can exercise to draw portraits without getting having problems with the subject I’m drawing. Julia Kay writes luckily: “If one wants to join the Party, you should be open to different interpretations of your photos – for instance, in my drawings people often look older and grumpier than they are (…). If this will make you uncomfortable, you shouldn’t participate.”

So I knew that I had to upload an photo and that others will draw me, but I didn’t really realize it till drawings of myself came online. It is fascinating to see so many versions of myself in so many different styles.
Paulien MariaPaulien MariePaulien Mariajk-grietjePaulien MariaGrietje aka paulienmariaPaulien Maria

In the meanwhile I’m drawing portraits too, but I’m feeling a little bit apprehensive to upload it to the group, because the artistic level is so high. Today I gathered some some courage and uploaded three pages.


Brushes Painting on the iPad

Brushes Painting, originally uploaded by Paulien Maria.

I don’t own an iPad, but my brother does. He was so kind to buy this weekend the Brushes app for me, so I could play on his iPad. My daughter helped with filling in the hair and blue blouse.

What I really like about this, that I don’t have to scan the image, but you can send it anywhere. And there are endless possibilities to explore with this brushes app. Well, endless.., that I don’t know, but I think I used about 1% of the possibilities of the app in this drawing.

Self Portrait

I had a small surgery, two birthmarks were removed.

Portraits 19, 23, 24 & 25 and EDM challenge 297

Continuing with 100 portraits of my beloved. These are numbers 19, 23, 24 and 25th.



The arm is drawn a few hours earlier in a restaurant.


These are drawn while trying out my brown Pentel Color Brush for the first time. In the background some women in Café Dudok in Rotterdam. It made me realise that in places like these in Amsterdam (like De Jaren) there is not the same mixture of people. I didn’t like the drawing of the women, so I imagined they were not there anymore while drawing my partners face, now I like the result of the women in the background.


EDM Challenge 297 – Bottle of water.

Technical things

100905kraankastje_anoniem Cherry picker in the Westerpark.