Drawings of everyday life

Julia Kay’s Portrait Party

I draw my partner a lot. He is a good subject, because he sits a lot of the time behind his laptop, book, tv or sleeping, without moving too much. And he has an interesting face. But he doesn’t like it when I draw him, because he looks about 30 years older and 20 kg bigger than in reality.

I stumbled upon Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. Moderator Julia Kay writes about the Flickr group: “This group is a virtual Portrait Party in which artists draw each other from photos posted for that purpose. All members of the group are therefore both subjects of portraits and creators of portraits.” I joined the party so I can exercise to draw portraits without getting having problems with the subject I’m drawing. Julia Kay writes luckily: “If one wants to join the Party, you should be open to different interpretations of your photos – for instance, in my drawings people often look older and grumpier than they are (…). If this will make you uncomfortable, you shouldn’t participate.”

So I knew that I had to upload an photo and that others will draw me, but I didn’t really realize it till drawings of myself came online. It is fascinating to see so many versions of myself in so many different styles.
Paulien MariaPaulien MariePaulien Mariajk-grietjePaulien MariaGrietje aka paulienmariaPaulien Maria

In the meanwhile I’m drawing portraits too, but I’m feeling a little bit apprehensive to upload it to the group, because the artistic level is so high. Today I gathered some some courage and uploaded three pages.


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