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Visit to London

Some sketches I made while visiting Kurdish family in London during Christmas.

This is our daughter sleeping in the delayed train from Harwich to London.

Daughter sleeping in the train

At Christmas Day we had a diner which was a mixture of British, Kurdish and Iranian dishes.

Xmas in London

In the night there was every evening something to snack. In this image: tea, dates, sunflower seeds, pistachio nuts, almonds.

Late night snacks in London


Anonymous lady in Vlaamsch Broodhuijs

Office paraphernalia

100928PuntP, originally uploaded by Paulien Maria.

One month ago

A page of my journal of one month ago. Helma was so kind to pose for me in the Coffee Company. I got very nervous drawing somebody else then myself, M or my daughter. Later I made a drawing of M. sleeping on the couch. And now Helma is watching over him. The pullover I knitted for the baby of a friend.

My daughter drawing, my daughter’s drawings.

My daughter, while she was drawing in a Pancake Restaurant.  She is 8 years old. She especially likes it to draw together with me. She wants us to work together on the same drawing. The concept of authentic authorship doesn’t have any meaning for her, yet. Luckily. On the other side: I prefer the drawings she made entirely by herself. These christmas card are drawn by my daughter, and I filled them in with color.
Made by my daughter
This drawing of the girl is made entirely by my daughter alone.

Featuring artist Boris

My nephew Boris (9yo) is now using the Brushes app on his father’s iPad.

The result is fabulous. I especially like the maggot in his drawing. My brother exported the drawing as a movie, so you can see how the drawing was made. It is fascinating, animals come and go. You can see it when you click on the drawing.

31st drawing; continuing with 100 drawings of M.

This is the 31st drawing of M. I’m heading towards 100. This was the first time that I asked him to pose for me. And he did.

(If you want to know more why I number my drawing of M., you can read my blog post on this subject here.)

Faces as things

M drawn from life, originally uploaded by Paulien Maria.

A few weeks ago I showed my journals to my friend Nies. She commented that she especially liked my drawings of ‘things’. It made me think further on the idea of humans versus non-humans. I believe that Danny Gregory writes that our gaze is more critical with faces and the human body, because we know it so well. When I draw a human I’m much more nervous when I draw a line which is not in accordance to reality. I can see in my drawings of humans this lack of boldness or naivity. To get around this problem Danny Gregory and Betty Edwards have some tricks: drawing an image upside down and concentrating on negative space.

My conclusion from my friend’s remarks was that I should think of humans as things. I didn’t bother very much that the lines of the notebook in this drawing are not straight. 101001QuanYin In the same way I would like to try to have this same attitude with lines of faces. In this mindset I did draw this face of M. and that is the reason I like this portrait.