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Portraits made in the Julia Kay’s Portrait Party in Oxford

In this very interesting St. Luke’s Church in Oxford I met up with about a dozen other JKPP members. There was wonderful food, people and drawings. I made a Flickr-group for all the photos and drawings made this day.

Here are some drawings I made:
Neil in Oxford in the year 2031
Mr. Flibble in Oxford in the year 2031
Miss Embe / Marine in Oxford (in the year 2031)

And I made a little film with my photo camera:


JKPP meetup in Oxford

Next saturday I will be meeting members of Julia Kay’s Portrait Party in Oxford. Here are some portraits of members who probably will not be there, since they are from the US, Brazil and France.

Pierre Willemin for JKPPAnne M Bray for JKPPTazab for JKPP

He is sitting behind his laptop.

I challenged myself to draw 100 portraits of my partner M. This is the 47th one. It is the first drawing which resembles him, I think. He is sitting behind his laptop, connecting with another part of the world.
M 47th time, first time there is resemblance!

Number 46: heading towards 100 portraits of M.

M 46th time.
I challenged myself to draw 100 portraits of my partner M. This is the 46th one. He is a very good subject to draw: he is around much, he sits quiet for long times (looking at his laptop, tv and/or a book), he doesn’t start to act strangely when I draw him, neither do I. The last thing is not unimportant. I often get nervous when I draw a friend, because I worry about the result.

More portraits of M. are in this Flickr slide show: