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My Moo cards arrived :-)

My Moo cards arrived 🙂, originally uploaded by Paulien Maria.

Moo printed 50 cards for me of drawings I selected. They arrived a few days ago and it is a lot of fun. I can show them to people, which is different from showing my journal. And then they can choose one (or more) and have them.


Trouble in Kurdistan

Trouble in Kurdistan, originally uploaded by Paulien Maria.

Since February there are protests in Northern Iraq / Kurdistan.

The last days the demonstrations are suppressed violently, yesterday there were almost 100 wounded, Sunday about 50.

My Kurdish partner M. is worried.

The international press has been almost absent the last months.

I found this report in English, it is already one month old, but gives a lot of information:


And these short ones, which are more recent:


Reporters without Borders

UPDATE April 22th 2011: Fred Branfman gave me the following links:

Student protesters held hostage in Iraqi Kurdistan, April 19, 2011

My 8 year old daughter joined Julia Kay’s Portrait Party

My daughter made in January a few portraits together with me for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. Since February she joined the Portrait Party and she is now the youngest member. Allan O'Marra for JKPP10
luli / lulligirl for JKPP with TuxPaint

Martin Beek for JKPP by Barien (8 years old)Portrait for show 2007

She made this drawing of Martin Beek, because Martin gave me in Oxford the portrait he made of her as a gift. She is totally delighted with the portrait.
Barien Kanie for JKPP

Other JKPP members loved it to the possibility to draw a child and Sue Rama exclaimed “I’d love to paint more children. Let’s invite more young artists to join the group!”
In Grandfather's GardenBarien for JKPPJKPP: BarienBarien KanieBarien (Green)Barien KanieBarien KanieBarienJKPP - Barien Kanie

You can see hereall the portraits made of Barien by JKPP members.

Drawing Bert in a community house in Amsterdam

I found out that in a community house nearby one can draw every Thursday a life model, without a teacher. Especially that there is no teacher pleased me. I certainly want to learn things, and I think I would like to have a teacher in the future. But I don’t know yet who that teacher will be. At the moment I’m doing fine with comments of friends (IRL, Flickr and EDM), some books and my own eyes (looking at my own and other’s work). And of course: I draw, draw and draw.

These are the drawings I made in the community house “Buurtcentrum De Pijp” of model Bert. He brought some great CD’s with music he liked (Daniel Lanois, Laïs). Some songs of Laïs were so weird, that I started to draw even weirder.
This drawing was inspired by JKPP member Jerry Waese:
Bert, inpsired by Jerry Waese's style