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Twice a week I’m working out on different exercise machines

At the sport school: Independent Shoulder Press

Since April I’m going to the gym twice a week. I surprised that I enjoy it. First I do a warming up on a ‘elliptical’, than strength training on different exercise machines: like this Independent Shoulder Press. It strengthens the shoulder muscles and it is the hardest exercise for me.


Two men in the Coffee Company

Coffee Company Plantage Muidergracht

Customers at the Coffee Company Plantage Muidergracht in Amsterdam. When I was drawing this, another customer made some positive remarks on my drawings. I wished I could give her a card of my blog, so that was the reason I ordered the Moo business cards. Now they are already finished! I have to order new ones, but I’m also thinking about ordering Moo postcards. Or maybe some special design for those small stickers…

Visit to Antwerp

M and Antwerpen Centraal

We went to Antwerp two weeks ago and there I remembered our visit to this town in 2005. We exchanged houses, and the owner of the house in Antwerp was an illustrator. His materials and table was there in the living room. I sat down and drew a tomato. I was so disappointed with the result that I didn’t touch a pencil for another five years! The most important part of Danny Gregory’s book “The creative license” was for me page 43 (There are no bad drawings) and pages 54 and 55: “Living well through bad drawings”. The answer to disappointments: just draw, draw, draw.

Coffee in Antwerp

(Pages 22 till 42 were also important to me. After I bought the book “Drawing on the right side of the brain” of Betty Edwards, I found out these pages are a summary of Edward’s book. Danny Gregory’s summary and writing style are much more fun though and I also like his drawings more.)

Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing

I bought the book Zen seeing, zen drawing. Meditation in action by Frederick Franck. It reminds me of some of the things Danny Gregory writes. In Danny Gregory’s book License to create there is an exercise to draw a bagel, and draw every, every sesame seed on it. In the same vein Franck begins with the exercise to draw a leaf: “Keeping your eyes riveted on that leaf, let the point of you pencil start to glide on the paper, and feel as if the pencil point were caressing the contours of the leaf.” I’ve read only a small part of Franck’s book, but it inspires me a lot. It makes me appreciate Danny Gregory’s work even more. In Franck’s book the drawings are about nature, landscapes and people, Gregory’s work incorporates the more day-to-day objects. I think a bagel is as interesting as a leaf or maybe even more interesting. Nature is often conflated with spirituality, but I myself really love and get in awe by the production of the human mind: all these objects we make and surround us with. And that’s what I like about Danny Gregory, Michael Nobbs, Nina Johansson and other Urban Sketchers.

The curl on the middle of his forehead in this 63rd drawing of my partner is especially inspired by Franck.
M 63/100

(Franck also wrote “The zen of seeing”, does anyone read this book?)

My daughter clayed a dinosaur

Dinosaurus, originally uploaded by Paulien Maria.

My daughter made at school a dinosaur of clay. She is very proud: her’s didn’t break, her classmates’ dinosaurs did. At home she painted it blue and red.

Without hesitation she disapproves of my drawing: it doesn’t look like her dinosaur. I don’t mind she disapproves of my drawings, but I do mind she is even harsh on her own (beautifull) drawings, when she tries to draw realistically.

But now she is drawing for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party and she gets so many positive comments, that she eased on herself. When I say I like her drawing, she doesn’t belief me, but when a stranger or Flickr-friend tells her that (s)he loves her drawing, she is convinced.

By the way, I think she is right about my drawing of the dinosaur: it doesn’t look like her’s at all. But still I like my version of it.