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I’ve hit the upload limit of my free Flickr account


I got an email from Flickr: “Your free account will only display the most recent 200 items you’ve uploaded. Anything beyond 200 will remain hidden from view until you either delete newer items or upgrade to a Pro account.”
Since September 2004 I do have a Flickr Pro account, with personal photos. When I started to draw, I was too shy to publish them online with my name. So I signed up in October 2010 for a free Flickr account with my pseudonym Paulien Maria. I didn’t expect to fill it up so quickly.

And now, what should I do? I don’t use my personal Pro account very much anymore, but I keep it because otherwise all these photos disappear.

I could continue the Paulien Maria-drawings on my personal Pro account. But then I have to move my 120 contacts too 😦 And my personal photos will be mixed with my drawings, which I don’t like very much.

Or I can buy a second Pro account. That solution isn’t attractive either, because maybe in a few years I don’t use the Paulien Maria-account much either and I’m only continuing it because otherwise the drawings will disappear…

Flickr, it is like an addiction: you start with a bit and you end up having difficulties to stop. And even when you are not enjoying it anymore, it is too much work and painful to quit.


My colleague


My colleague saw my Twitter, WordPress and Flickr-icon and asked me to make a drawing of him he can use as an icon. This is the result of the second drawing session.


Ingrid, model in Buurthuis de Pijp

Every Thursday there is a life model in a community house in Amsterdam. This is a drawing I made of Ingrid when I was there the second time. I hope to go there soon again.