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My daughter asleep

Barien asleep in Brussels
I did draw my daughter while we were in a hotel room. When she is asleep I’m able to draw her while she is not moving.


Watercolor pencil and a wet finger

Anna Black for  JKPP
I bought for my 9-year-old daughter the dutch translation of the book ‘Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered’ by Quentin Blake and John Cassidy. It is a fun book and my daughter loves to draw in it. Blake advises to use a watercolor pencil and then rub over it with a wet finger. I like the simplicity of it and used it in this drawing of Anna Black. It seems as a good starting point for me to discover the use of color.

View on the river Merwede

View at the river Merwede from my parent's attic
I somehow lost the habit of drawing every day. Well, I almost never drew every day, but the intention of drawing every day made me draw at least 3 or 4 times a week. The last weeks I forgot to draw even those 3 or 4 times though. Then I remembered Julia Kay and her habit of drawing every day. So I took my journal and didn’t think about what I could draw, didn’t look at Flickr, email, twitter, FB, newspapers and other digital and analog distractions, and started to draw the view I saw regularly the first 18 years of my life. It is the view from my parents house on the river the Merwede.


This week I made an exchange with a JKPP member EAGHL: she send me the drawing she made of me:
Paulien Maria by eaghl for jkpp 2011

and I send her the eyedropper drawing I made of her.
EAGHL  / Elizabeth Lynch for Julia Kay's Portrait Party
On the website Artbistro EAGHL wrote this information about herself:

EAGHL (pronounced eagle) is an Oklahoma banker of three decades, retired to a small, rural community. The evening hours in their quiet home left a choice of watching television or watching the spouse work crossword puzzles. Eaghl decided to start coloring, but rapidly ran out of coloring pages. There was a special love for nudes art but there were no coloring books or coloring pages of nudes, so Eaghl created a few. These black and white coloring pages were then colored in with permanent ©Prismacolor markers. The local acclaim was soon forthcoming. An artist friend in a nearby Missouri community began to commission these markerings with heads of friends placed on the nude bodies in the pose of choice. Eaghl continues to work on portraits from photographs of friends, family and some celebrities. The art does not capture the individuals to perfection, but their likeness can be seen and they are recognizable.

Pondering Elizabeth

Travel journal

These are three pages from my travel journal this summer.
Pushkin statue in Sint Petersburg
Pushkin statue and my daughter
Boat from Sint Petersburg to Stockholm
The boat from Sint Petersburg to Stockholm
Sergstorg, Stockholm, August 2011

What am I doing?

My brother Ianus working together with his friend / colleague Aldo
During our relaxed afternoon in the park, during the JKPP meetup in Brussels, Marga asked me how I do draw my drawings. Do I know in advance what I’m going to do?

Sometimes I have no idea at all and I just start somewhere. Most of the time I have some idea about what I want to draw and how I place on the page. During the drawing things always work out differently. Because people move. Because I planned to draw four people, but only three fit on the page. So mostly I just start somewhere and then find out where I will end up.

In this drawing I planned to draw both my brother and his friend, but during the drawing I realized that if I draw the real size of the space between the two, my brother’s friend will not fit on the page, so in the drawing I reduced the distance between them.