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My daughter drawing

Drawing my daughter while she is drawing. It is much more easy to draw old, wrinkly people then young children. I did draw her on the ferry from Rotterdam to Hull in October. We stayed in Hull for one day, visiting The Deep aquarium. And we visited the Wilberforce House Museum. William Wilberforce was a famous campaigner against the slave trade. From the website: “The museum tells the story of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and its abolition, as well as dealing with contemporary slavery. Galleries also offer a fascinating glimpse into West African culture.”

On the ferry to Hull


Drawings in the Coffee Company

Drawings I made in the Coffee Company Amsterdam. For more thoughts on drawing in café’s see this post on February 2011.
Meneer in Coffee Company Berenstraat
Andere Meneer in Coffee Company Berenstraat

Old drawings

I visited my parents this weekend and found some old drawings and paintings I made in 1982, thirty years ago when I was 15 years old. They were made during a drawing class I visited once a week during one year. The charcoal sketch I liked at that time, but I found painting in acrylic so difficult and disappointing, that was one of the reasons I stopped.

Fwd: Foto2
Made in 1982