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Artis Zoo

My 11-year-old daughter has joined the Artis Ateliers, drawing lessons at the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam. Every time she comes home with beautiful drawings. And she is very enthusiastic herself too, about the lessons themselves and the results.

Bird at Artis Zoo, drawn by Barien (11 years)
Steenbok / ibex by Barien


Paint a fish to safe the fish

Me, my daughter and her friend painted a fish to support the Paint a Fish campaign. This campaign aims to restore EU fish stocks for future generations. You can add your picture to their gallery and help build a big virtual stock to tell EU leaders to take action to refill our seas.
Paint a fish campaign by Barien 10yo
Paint a fish by Shea 9 yo
Paint a fish by Grietje 46 yo
We made the drawings with the Brushes app and then uploaded it to Paint a Fish site, you can also make the drawing online, with the paint-a-fish online tool.

I found this through the Facebook-page of the Dutch Campaign for Drawing.

Drawing animals together

Elephant by Barien (10yo)ElephantGNov2012010paradijsvBNov2012011parrotGNov2012006parrotBNov2012005TigerBNov2012008
My daughter started to draw animals, from a how-to-draw book, and I joined in. She is very satisfied with her results. This is rather new, she used to be very unsatisfied with her own drawing, especially if she wanted to draw realistically.