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Drawings in the Coffee Company

Drawings I made in the Coffee Company Amsterdam. For more thoughts on drawing in café’s see this post on February 2011.
Meneer in Coffee Company Berenstraat
Andere Meneer in Coffee Company Berenstraat


My 10-year-old nephew

My nephew while listening to a book on an iPod.

I reached the 100!

M. number 100
M. in Café Belga, number 99 of 100
We went to Belgium last weekend and I did draw M. for the 97th, 98th, 99th and 100th time. It took me 18 months to draw him 100 times. Now I can set my new challenge: 200? 500? 1000?

Since I didn’t scan all the drawings I made of M. and since I started uploading the first 36 scans of these drawings to a free Flickr account, and the last drawings to my older Flickr Pro account, M’s drawings aren’t all in one Flickr set. That would be interesting though, because of the slide show feature of Flickr.

Three men from Birmingham

Three men in Birmingham
I’ve been in Birmingham and ate a lot of good curry there. We also went to Stratford to the grave of Shakespeare. I made this drawing after we visited the grave and had some tea.

The holiday of my daughter started last week. I think I will stop posting on this blog during her holiday. I keep on drawing though. In September you will see the results 🙂

I’ve hit the upload limit of my free Flickr account


I got an email from Flickr: “Your free account will only display the most recent 200 items you’ve uploaded. Anything beyond 200 will remain hidden from view until you either delete newer items or upgrade to a Pro account.”
Since September 2004 I do have a Flickr Pro account, with personal photos. When I started to draw, I was too shy to publish them online with my name. So I signed up in October 2010 for a free Flickr account with my pseudonym Paulien Maria. I didn’t expect to fill it up so quickly.

And now, what should I do? I don’t use my personal Pro account very much anymore, but I keep it because otherwise all these photos disappear.

I could continue the Paulien Maria-drawings on my personal Pro account. But then I have to move my 120 contacts too 😦 And my personal photos will be mixed with my drawings, which I don’t like very much.

Or I can buy a second Pro account. That solution isn’t attractive either, because maybe in a few years I don’t use the Paulien Maria-account much either and I’m only continuing it because otherwise the drawings will disappear…

Flickr, it is like an addiction: you start with a bit and you end up having difficulties to stop. And even when you are not enjoying it anymore, it is too much work and painful to quit.

Two men in the Coffee Company

Coffee Company Plantage Muidergracht

Customers at the Coffee Company Plantage Muidergracht in Amsterdam. When I was drawing this, another customer made some positive remarks on my drawings. I wished I could give her a card of my blog, so that was the reason I ordered the Moo business cards. Now they are already finished! I have to order new ones, but I’m also thinking about ordering Moo postcards. Or maybe some special design for those small stickers…

Trouble in Kurdistan

Trouble in Kurdistan, originally uploaded by Paulien Maria.

Since February there are protests in Northern Iraq / Kurdistan.

The last days the demonstrations are suppressed violently, yesterday there were almost 100 wounded, Sunday about 50.

My Kurdish partner M. is worried.

The international press has been almost absent the last months.

I found this report in English, it is already one month old, but gives a lot of information:


And these short ones, which are more recent:


Reporters without Borders

UPDATE April 22th 2011: Fred Branfman gave me the following links:

Student protesters held hostage in Iraqi Kurdistan, April 19, 2011

Cafe drawings, no story.

Because of pain in my neck (too much mousing?) in this post: four drawings, but no story.

Drawn with Pentel Tradio Stylo
M in Razmataz
Drawn with Pentel Tradio Stylo
Drawn with Lamy Safari fountain pen
Chat in Coffee Company
Drawn with Pentel Tradio Stylo

Will the person I draw not be annoyed that I stare at her?

Coffee Company Berenstraat
I like to sit in a café. I read a newspaper, write and since half a year I draw my cup of coffee. Or I draw the people sitting there. Sometimes I feel unsecure about drawing other people. Will the person not be annoyed that I stare at him? Will they be angry, irritated or just simply not feeling at their ease? Should I ask permission?

In  a few cases the person I draw looked at me and notices I’m drawing him, then I smile friendly. A few times – when I know the person in the café – I announce that I’m going to draw her. Some people become very self-conscious.

Coffee Company Haarlemmerdijk Amsterdam

I asked for advice in the Every Day Matters Yahoo Group. Sarah Wilde answered:

I don’t ask, I just go ahead and draw, but I usually pick people who are involved in reading or talking or something. Depending on the person, if they notice me I either smile and ask if they mind (if they look friendly), pretend to be drawing something beside or above them (cowards way out, lol) or offer to show them. It really depends a lot on how I’m feeling.

Peter Sloan answered:

If they do notice and get upset, remember, it’s always easier to ask
forgiveness than permission.

I’m really curious what your experiences are. What do you do in this occasion? What is your

(The drawings above are the result of an exercise in the book Drawing Lab of Carla Sonheim. This exercise was inspired by the work of Sarah Wilde.)

UPDATE February 19th: I just found this interesting discussion on the topic on Flickr (I love the Internet).

UPDATE December 24th 2012: Andrea Joseph wrote about this subject on her blog. Three years ago she described herself as a “reluctant public sketcher”, now she is drawing on planes, and in airports, cafes, parks and streets.

Cycling in Amsterdam

Our bicycle is the main form of transportation in Amsterdam. This bike we call “the cycle of our daughter” because it has an extra seat for our child. I sketched ‘my’ bike while it was standing for the window of the Coffee Company while I was drinking a latte decaf (or a bambino).
Bicycle / Fiets