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Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger

It is 45 years ago that Margaret Sanger died. She was an American sex educator, nurse and birth control activist. She introduced suffragist and philanthropist Katharine Dexter McCormick to reproductive physiologist Gregory Pincus. McCormick provided a vast funding so Pincus could dramatically expand and accelerate his research to the oral contraceptive pill (‘the pill’). The first contraceptive trials in women were conducted in 1956.


About a preconception

One of the reasons why I enjoyed it so much to study Gender Studies at the university was: any preconception about the idea of sex and gender is questioned. And if you can deconstruct sex/gender, than you can question every boundary and certainty. This education gives a sharp eye for hidden prejudices. In spite of this background, I can catch myself regularly being  biased. A few days ago I discovered I’m having unrealistic preconceptions about which kind of people do have certain drawing styles.

In the Flickr-group Julia Kay’s Portrait Party (aka JKPP) members draw each other from photos we uploaded. I love being part of this group for several reasons. It is a very divers group: beginners post together with professional artists. In the group pool you can see digital art, traditional oil painting and watercolors next to each other. All kind of styles are present: abstract,  wild, naïve, outsider, realistic, cartoonish, and much more.

One of the artist’s work I like very much is ‘chartan’ (nickname for Charlotte Tanner). I like her bold style. Here are two portraits she made for JKPP:
 passionateartist Julia Kay;

She uses the iPod to draw and she knows how to use Photoshop. This is the portrait she made of me:
Paulien Maria;

Then there is this older the lady who posted these interesting photos for us to draw, one after her eye surgery:
me eye surgery;

Only when I started to draw her, I connected that Charlotte-with-the-eye-surgery was the same person as ‘chartan’-the-cool-digital-artist. Ajj, there I caught myself with a big prejudice. I didn’t make this connection, because I think ladies-older-then-50 do not use digital media like iPods and Photoshop. And with a straw hat I automatically think the person paints with watercolor. I’m really blushing for these silly preconceptions that I have, while being graduated in feminism. Well, I hope Charlotte will forgive me. Here you can see the drawing I made of chartan/Charlotte-the-great-artist:
Chartan / Charlotte Tanner for JKPP

If you want to see more work of Charlotte Tanner (chartan) you can go to her Flickr-pages or her weblog named Doggy & Other Art.