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More Julia Kay’s Portrait Party

My 10-year-old nephew asked me: “How do choose what to draw?” His question surprised me because he doesn’t seem to have any problems with that. He draws terrific birds all the time. I said to him I didn’t mind what I draw, as long as I draw something. Thinking too much about and not knowing what to draw can paralyse me. Thinking about it more I realised I can divide the subjects I draw in two. I draw portraits for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party (JKPP) and I draw whatever is in front of me (a lot of the time this is my partner). Here are some JKPP portraits I made in December.Cobol for JKPPGiveAwayBoy for JKPPDevon Lawrence by Grietje (45 yo) for JKPP


Cafe drawings, no story.

Because of pain in my neck (too much mousing?) in this post: four drawings, but no story.

Drawn with Pentel Tradio Stylo
M in Razmataz
Drawn with Pentel Tradio Stylo
Drawn with Lamy Safari fountain pen
Chat in Coffee Company
Drawn with Pentel Tradio Stylo