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Drawing lab

A few weeks ago, I bought the book “Drawing Lab” by Carla Sonheim. She writes: “This books includes many traditional drawing exercises (…), but I’ve intentionally left out some of the things you might find in traditional drawing books. This book is designed to get you started drawing again, and excited about it!”

The book has 52 exercises, some take several weeks or months to complete, but the most can be done quickly. This drawing was two exercises: Collaborate with a child (Lab 28) and Eyedropper Faces (Lab 13). My daughter made the eyes and eyebrows.
yipsss for Julia Kay's Portrait Party

Here you can see the reference photo.

For a Eyedropper Faces you fill an eyedropper with black FW acrylic ink (I filled it with indian ink) and draw the basics of the face. “Quickly take a piece of toilet paper and lay it on top of your drawing. The ink will soak into the toilet paper and spread out underneath” More Eyedropper Faces:
EAGHL  / Elizabeth Lynch for Julia Kay's Portrait PartyJulia Kay for Julia Kay's Portrait Party

This exercise forced me to buy indian ink, and I read in a Flickr discussion about nibs, so I bought some nibs, and made another drawing with indian ink for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party:
anna a1 / Anna Black for Julia Kay's Portrait Party