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One year ago today I started drawing

On July 15th 2010 I picked up my pencil and started drawing again since I was a teenager. Last weeks I did draw a lot together with my 9-year-old daughter for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party.
Michael Scholl for JKPP by Barien (9 years)Michael Scholl for JKPP
Neil Davidson by Barien (9 years) for JKPPNeil Davidson for JKPP
Julia Kay by Barien (9 years) for JKPPJulia Kay for JKPP


About money

Last week I bought a new box of ink cartridges for my fountain pen. Five cartridges cost € 2.50. I realised again that drawing gives a lot of pleasure and doesn’t cost much.

I’ve hit the upload limit of my free Flickr account


I got an email from Flickr: “Your free account will only display the most recent 200 items you’ve uploaded. Anything beyond 200 will remain hidden from view until you either delete newer items or upgrade to a Pro account.”
Since September 2004 I do have a Flickr Pro account, with personal photos. When I started to draw, I was too shy to publish them online with my name. So I signed up in October 2010 for a free Flickr account with my pseudonym Paulien Maria. I didn’t expect to fill it up so quickly.

And now, what should I do? I don’t use my personal Pro account very much anymore, but I keep it because otherwise all these photos disappear.

I could continue the Paulien Maria-drawings on my personal Pro account. But then I have to move my 120 contacts too 😦 And my personal photos will be mixed with my drawings, which I don’t like very much.

Or I can buy a second Pro account. That solution isn’t attractive either, because maybe in a few years I don’t use the Paulien Maria-account much either and I’m only continuing it because otherwise the drawings will disappear…

Flickr, it is like an addiction: you start with a bit and you end up having difficulties to stop. And even when you are not enjoying it anymore, it is too much work and painful to quit.


Ingrid, model in Buurthuis de Pijp

Every Thursday there is a life model in a community house in Amsterdam. This is a drawing I made of Ingrid when I was there the second time. I hope to go there soon again.

Drawing Bert in a community house in Amsterdam

I found out that in a community house nearby one can draw every Thursday a life model, without a teacher. Especially that there is no teacher pleased me. I certainly want to learn things, and I think I would like to have a teacher in the future. But I don’t know yet who that teacher will be. At the moment I’m doing fine with comments of friends (IRL, Flickr and EDM), some books and my own eyes (looking at my own and other’s work). And of course: I draw, draw and draw.

These are the drawings I made in the community house “Buurtcentrum De Pijp” of model Bert. He brought some great CD’s with music he liked (Daniel Lanois, Laïs). Some songs of Laïs were so weird, that I started to draw even weirder.
This drawing was inspired by JKPP member Jerry Waese:
Bert, inpsired by Jerry Waese's style

Portraits made in the Julia Kay’s Portrait Party in Oxford

In this very interesting St. Luke’s Church in Oxford I met up with about a dozen other JKPP members. There was wonderful food, people and drawings. I made a Flickr-group for all the photos and drawings made this day.

Here are some drawings I made:
Neil in Oxford in the year 2031
Mr. Flibble in Oxford in the year 2031
Miss Embe / Marine in Oxford (in the year 2031)

And I made a little film with my photo camera:

He is sitting behind his laptop.

I challenged myself to draw 100 portraits of my partner M. This is the 47th one. It is the first drawing which resembles him, I think. He is sitting behind his laptop, connecting with another part of the world.
M 47th time, first time there is resemblance!

Number 46: heading towards 100 portraits of M.

M 46th time.
I challenged myself to draw 100 portraits of my partner M. This is the 46th one. He is a very good subject to draw: he is around much, he sits quiet for long times (looking at his laptop, tv and/or a book), he doesn’t start to act strangely when I draw him, neither do I. The last thing is not unimportant. I often get nervous when I draw a friend, because I worry about the result.

More portraits of M. are in this Flickr slide show: