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Jill for Julia Kay’s Portrait Party

Jill Harding for JKPP
My daughter (10 yo by now) started to draw again, so I joined her. I drew a parrot on Tuesday and an elephant and this JKPP portrait on Wednesday. With Stabilo markers. She drew a parrot, an owl, a tiger and an elephant.


Raena by my daughter & me

Raena by my daughter & me, originally uploaded by Paulien Maria.

On my blog I posted some drawings made by my daughter. She got some positive comments. I translated them to her. She also heard me talking about Julia Kay’s Portrait Party, and she said she wanted to join. I started to explain her how the Portrait Party works, and then it turned out that she wanted to draw the people who liked her drawings. So I looked up who in the comments of the blog also was part of Julia Kay’s Portrait Party, and so we started to draw Raena.

She wanted me to do the shape of the head. So I did the head, hand, glasses and hair. Then my daughter made the eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth and neck/shoulders and the distortion of the glasses on the left of the face. She traced the pencil with marker of her favorite colour and then coloured it with soft pastel. To finish it, she made the marks around the head.

I tried to fixate the drawing with hairspray, which blurred the marker.
Reference photo:
Julia Kay's Portrait Party