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I reached almost hundred.

MM in RazmatazM number 93 out of 100M number 92 out of 100About 14 months ago I set out to draw my partner 100 times. Last summer I lost count, because I worked in two notebooks at the same time. Yesterday I sat down to count the drawings and I found out I did draw 94 portraits of him. These are the last ones.


This is what my Mac harddisk looks like

Hard Disk
My computer didn’t work anymore properly since the beginning of August. I deleted everything, installed everything back. Then it worked for a few weeks. Then again I had to use the ‘disk utility’ program to ‘repair’ the disk. Then it worked for a few weeks, and then again the same troubles which took me some days to solve.

Last week I brought it to a shop where somebody replaced the hard disk. I drew the old hard disk, before I will throw it away. I paid a little more than 200 euro’s and I have 300 Gb’s more than on my old hard disk. Now it works perfectly for already a week 🙂


Ingrid, model in Buurthuis de Pijp

Every Thursday there is a life model in a community house in Amsterdam. This is a drawing I made of Ingrid when I was there the second time. I hope to go there soon again.

Drawing Bert in a community house in Amsterdam

I found out that in a community house nearby one can draw every Thursday a life model, without a teacher. Especially that there is no teacher pleased me. I certainly want to learn things, and I think I would like to have a teacher in the future. But I don’t know yet who that teacher will be. At the moment I’m doing fine with comments of friends (IRL, Flickr and EDM), some books and my own eyes (looking at my own and other’s work). And of course: I draw, draw and draw.

These are the drawings I made in the community house “Buurtcentrum De Pijp” of model Bert. He brought some great CD’s with music he liked (Daniel Lanois, Laïs). Some songs of Laïs were so weird, that I started to draw even weirder.
This drawing was inspired by JKPP member Jerry Waese:
Bert, inpsired by Jerry Waese's style