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My daughter posed for me.

Barien - 9 years old - in August 2011

Because she didn’t like the results, my daughter didn’t want me to draw her last year. I don’t know what changed her mind, but this summer she posed a few times for me.

Next saturday we will go together to a meetup of Julia Kay’s Portrait Party in Brussels.


What I learned from my great-grandfather’s diaries.

Tropenmuseum Amsterdam

My great-grandfather, Jacob Keller (1872-1956), wrote every week in his diary. He was a well-to-do farmer near Dordrecht, The Netherlands. I transcribed some of his writings and published it online in a blog (in Dutch). Most of his diary entries are logging the weather and about what work he and his workers accomplished over the week. It was a tool for managing his farm, but he also had aspirations to record for future generations about the way he runs his farm and how it was done in the past. Very rarely he wrote about his personal worries and feelings. For example when he wrote a very beautifully obituary about his dog who passed away in 1914. I admire his style of writing. I suppose he loved poetry, because sometimes he cites poets in his diaries.

I don’t think he ever attended a creative writing class, because this kind of teaching didn’t exist in the village where he lived in that time. So I conclude he mainly improved his writing by writing every week, by reading other writers and by being interested in writing appealing prose.  So what I learned from his diaries is that by writing regularly and having a structure (one evening a week over more than 50 years), you improve the writing. I don’t want to deny that it is inspiring, useful and fun to attend classes or conversations with fellow artists. But a large part of the learning is done by doing. This is almost the same as what Danny Gregory preaches: learn drawing by doing it. (After learning some simple basic stuff, he summarizes the book ‘Drawing on the right side of the brain’ in less than 20 pages.)

Besides that my great-grandfather was a good writer, he also was a succesful farmer. I suppose he was, because of his weekly reflections in his diaries.

The drawing above does not have any connection with the story. Or maybe it does? It is both about the influence of a dead person. The above mask is used by the Asmat when a member of their tribe is murdered. One of his fellow tribesmen will dance with this mask whole night long, representing the deceased. Through this mask communication with the deceased is possible. I did draw it in the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam (The Royal Tropical Institute).

Here is a photo of my great-grandfather with his family, the boy is my grandfather.
My greatgrandfather en -mother and my grandfather with sisters, The Netherlands

This is a fragment of my great-grandfather’s writing in one of his diaries

Cycling in Amsterdam

Our bicycle is the main form of transportation in Amsterdam. This bike we call “the cycle of our daughter” because it has an extra seat for our child. I sketched ‘my’ bike while it was standing for the window of the Coffee Company while I was drinking a latte decaf (or a bambino).
Bicycle / Fiets

31st drawing; continuing with 100 drawings of M.

This is the 31st drawing of M. I’m heading towards 100. This was the first time that I asked him to pose for me. And he did.

(If you want to know more why I number my drawing of M., you can read my blog post on this subject here.)

Julia Kay’s Portrait Party

I draw my partner a lot. He is a good subject, because he sits a lot of the time behind his laptop, book, tv or sleeping, without moving too much. And he has an interesting face. But he doesn’t like it when I draw him, because he looks about 30 years older and 20 kg bigger than in reality.

I stumbled upon Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. Moderator Julia Kay writes about the Flickr group: “This group is a virtual Portrait Party in which artists draw each other from photos posted for that purpose. All members of the group are therefore both subjects of portraits and creators of portraits.” I joined the party so I can exercise to draw portraits without getting having problems with the subject I’m drawing. Julia Kay writes luckily: “If one wants to join the Party, you should be open to different interpretations of your photos – for instance, in my drawings people often look older and grumpier than they are (…). If this will make you uncomfortable, you shouldn’t participate.”

So I knew that I had to upload an photo and that others will draw me, but I didn’t really realize it till drawings of myself came online. It is fascinating to see so many versions of myself in so many different styles.
Paulien MariaPaulien MariePaulien Mariajk-grietjePaulien MariaGrietje aka paulienmariaPaulien Maria

In the meanwhile I’m drawing portraits too, but I’m feeling a little bit apprehensive to upload it to the group, because the artistic level is so high. Today I gathered some some courage and uploaded three pages.

Self Portrait

I had a small surgery, two birthmarks were removed.